FileZilla 免費好用的FTP下載工具(v3.1.3中文版)






  1. MSW: Reduce flicker if resizing main window
  2. Improve compatibility with Cygwin’s SSH server. Use Site Manager to select server type (2008-05-06)

+ Fix rare race condition in IO thread leading to data loss. Was possible to lose up to 3*65536 bytes at the beginning of a download.
– *NIX: Renaming local files did not change local filelist
– OS X: Deleting non-empty local directories did not work in all cases
– MSW: Program could become unresponsive if update available dialog appears while a menu was opened
– MSW: Update wizard should use correct download location on Vista to save installation files
– Fix possible duplication of queue items on shutdown
– Cap input length of speedlimit edit controls
– Fix crash if getting disconnected while remote directory creating dialog was open
– Quickconnect bar did not handle URLs with trailing paths
– Update menu and toolbar state after clearing private data
– NIX: Filetype column was empty on some filetypes (2008-04-18)

– Fix rare crash if closing FileZilla
– *nix: Fix problems with drag&drop operation starting from local directory tree- Filetype display and ascii/binary detection did not work on VMS servers
– Requeue did not work properly for edited files
– Fix state of comparison button if comparison could not be started
– Fix crash if changing filters while comparison mode is active
– Fix ghost item appearing if applying filters after exiting comparison mode
– Compatibility fix with broken servers sending PWD reply with single quotation marks
– *nix: Display drop highlight in file lists (2008-04-07)

– Reset keyboard search prefix in file lists on directory and selection changes

  • Correct position of queue size in statusbar