Opera 9.52 RC2 最新版 (build 10108)

Opera推出9.5 beta版以來,已經經過數十次的小改版與BUG修正,目前推出最新的9.52 beta build 10108版本,新增了一個新的佈景主題外觀,用來起來感覺很有現代感。

▇ 軟體小檔案 ▇

軟體名稱:Opera 網路瀏覽器
軟體版本:9.52 RC2 build 10108
系統支援:Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista

Opera 9.52 build 10103版更新項目:

  • Readded the Windows shell menu to the Transfer context menu
  • Fixed an issue with lists not displaying correctly when text rendering is RTL
  • Fixed opening of files in external applications when disk cache is off
  • Fixed issue with low quality on YouTube video previews
  • Fixed mail appearance when Opera is installed in a folder with a “#” character in its name
  • Fixed RealPlayer on BBC
  • Added work-arounds for problems with various POP servers

9.52 build 10092版更新項目:

  • Fixed a URL encoding in java script: URLs
  • Fixed an issue with the BBC iPlayer RealPlayer plugin not working
  • Several stability fixes
  • Fixed a problem where GMail would not load



  • Quite a few stability fixes