HttpWatch IE流量分析工具 (免費版)





系統支援:Windows (搭配IE瀏覽器使用)
其他說明:此免費版本可展示全部功能,但部份的額外資訊會有限制的揭露,如果想要使用完整功能,可另外購買「HttpWatch Professional Edition」專業版。

安裝好軟體之後,IE 6的開啟方法為「檢視」→【瀏覽器列】→【HttpWatch Basic】即可開啟。IE 7的開啟方法如下圖。




HttpWatch is used in a wide variety of companies and industries for tasks such as:

* Testing a web application to ensure that it is correctly issuing cookies or setting headers that control page expiration
* Finding out how other sites work and how they implement certain features
* Checking the information that Internet Explorer is supplying when you visit a site
* Verifying that a secure web site is not issuing sensitive data in cookies or headers
* Tuning the performance of a web site by measuring download times, caching or the number of network round trips
* Learning about how HTTP works (useful for programming and web design classes)
* Allowing webmasters to fine tune the caching of images and other content
* Performing regression testing on production servers to verify performance and correct behavior



Version 5.1.5 – 4 Oct 2007

* New: Content window now detects commonly used encoding schemes for Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean and Russian content. The detect encoding can be overridden using the Encoding context menu item
* New: Page groups, query strings and POST parameters now display international characters
* New: Page grouping information is now available using the automation API and XML/CSV export
* New: Response and Request streams can now be accessed as byte arrays through the automation API
* New: Summary information is now available through the automation interface
* New: Added a Chunks property to the automation Content class
* New: XML export file now uses UTF8 encoding
* Changed: The Summary tag in the XML export has been renamed to Overview
* Changed: The Size tag in the XML export has been renamed to Received
* New: Added a Sent tag in the XML export to show the number of bytes sent to the web server
* New: Added a ‘text/javascript’ option to the Content type list on the filter dialog
* New: The content window now shows the number of selected characters
* Fixed: Log files loaded with the automation can now be exported and saved
* Fixed: Hidden log entries were not saved correctly if a log file was saved with an active filter