FASTER Cable System is Ready for Service: Press Releases | NEC

The 9,000km trans-Pacific cable, the FASTER Cable System, lands in Oregon in the United States and two landing points in Japan, namely Chiba and Mie prefectures. The system has extended connections to major hubs on the West Coast of the U.S. covering Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland and Seattle. The two landing points in Japan facilitate the cable’s easy access to major cities in Japan. FASTER’s robust and resilient connectivity to many neighboring cable systems extends the cable’s capacity beyond Japan to other Asian locations.

FASTER is the first trans-Pacific submarine cable system designed from day one to support digital coherent transmission technology, using optimized fibers throughout the submarine portion. The combination of extremely low loss fiber, without a dispersion compensation section, and the latest digital signal processor, which compensates for the huge amount of cumulative dispersion at the end of the cable, enable this six-fiber pair cable to deliver 60 Terabits per second (Tbps) of bandwidth across the Pacific.

“From the very beginning of the project, we repeatedly said to each other, ‘faster, Faster and FASTER,’ and at one point it became the project name, and today it becomes a reality. This is the outcome of six members’ collaborative contribution and expertise together with NEC’s support,” said Hiromitsu Todokoro, Chairman of the FASTER Management Committee.

“This was the first trans-Pacific submarine cable built solely by NEC Corporation, employing the latest 100Gbps digital coherent optical transmission technology. We are honored that the consortium entrusted us to build FASTER. Although we faced many challenges during the construction, I am truly glad that we were able to overcome these and to welcome this day,” said Kenichi Yoneyama, Project Manager for FASTER at NEC’s Submarine Network Division. “This epoch-making cable will not only bring benefits to the United States and Japan, but to the entire Asia-Pacific region.”

Construction of the system was announced in August 2014 by the FASTER consortium, consisting of China Mobile International, China Telecom Global, Global Transit, Google, KDDI and Singtel.

FASTER, a consortium of six international companies, together with its supplier NEC Corporation, today announced that construction and end-to-end testing of a new trans-Pacific submarine cable system, the

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Google的跨太平洋海底電纜「Faster」明天將上線:總長度9000公里,美國與日本直通涵蓋亞洲! | T客邦 – 我只推薦好東西

來源: Google的跨太平洋海底電纜「Faster」明天將上線:總長度9000公里,美國與日本直通涵蓋亞洲! | T客邦 – 我只推薦好東西


…演算法RankBrain首次於2015年10月露面,它的機器學習演算機制,是透過先前上百億搜尋關鍵字所累積的Big Data,包含什麼樣的用戶在搜尋、點擊哪些搜尋結果、地理位置在哪等相關資料,來更接近用戶期許看到的搜尋結果。…

RankBrain會對演算機制有什麼樣的影響呢?舉個例子,當用戶輸入「best flower shop in Los Angeles」時,RankBrain會連結這個搜尋關鍵字,與另一個最多人搜尋的關鍵字同義「best LA flower shops」,因此,它會直接搜尋後者關鍵字結果,而不是原本用戶輸入的內容。

換句話說,透過Big Data分析,Google將會以最多人搜尋的同義關鍵字,來顯示搜尋結果,而不是你原本輸入的字句。因此,某種程度而言,RankBrain演算的搜尋結果,的確會與先前有所不同。….


Google搜尋的演算法似乎再度改變,據外媒Search Engine

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Google CEO接觸多西 希望收購Twitter公司 | XFastest News

網路巨獸Google不斷擴張,再次將觸角伸向在國外擁有相當多使用者的Twitter公司,企圖將推文整合入Google Search裡。據外國媒體9to5Google報導,Google母公司Alphabet首席執行官拉裡·佩吉曾經邀請Twitter的CEO進行會談,商討收購Twitter的方案。媒體預計儘管沒有更多的消息流出,但是Google收購Twitter並再次向社交領域進發。爆出此消息的《名利場》雜誌認為,Twitter的潛在收購方之一就是Google。這也不是Google第一次有意收購Twitter,2011年Google在開發Google Plus的時候,佩奇就曾想收購Twitter。他們希望能在Google搜索結果中整合推文,收購Twitter可以進一步改善搜索服務。目前Google涉獵的領域非常廣泛,很明顯Google有著更遠大的目標。Google希望無人駕駛汽車、機器學習和人工智慧這三個領域發力,來向著更頂尖的科技領域進發。在前任CEO斯科特洛離職一年之後,Twitter的市值損失了60%之多。傑克·多西出任Twitter首席執行官的這一年來,Twitter的股價沒有出現任何好轉,目前仍然陷入混亂之中。圖文來源

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Google+ is 改名 Google Collections! 


Google+ is now Google Collections!I am very excited to announce that Google+ is getting an overhaul and a new name to accompany it – Google Collection… – Eduardo Pratti – Google+

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Chromebook 能成为 Google 下一个爆发点吗?

…在美国的教育市场,Chromebook 已经取得了巨大的胜利,Chromebook 的销量比其它系统设备销量的总和还要多,这也在很大程度上阻击了苹果借助 iPad 在教育市场上的推进。

接下来 Chrome 系统将要面对的挑战就是如何进入到长期被微软 Windows 系统占据的商业市场, 并获取更多的像我这样的用户。

Sheth 表示 Chromebook 的成功部分要归功于 Chromebooks 的易管理性。谷歌表示 75% 使用 Windows 的商业用户可以很轻松的切换到 Chrome 操作系统,看来 Google 似乎从 2011 年 Chrome 系统发布到现在已经学到了很多。…..


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